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PRIVATE Lessons for new guitarists

Bruce has the heart of a teacher. He is generous with sharing his knowledge and genuine in his desire to help his students become better guitar players. He really believes that you can learn and makes you believe that you will learn to be a better guitar player.
— Shauna

Guitar lessons for beginners

If you would like to learn to play the guitar, I'm here to help.

But first, a short story:

My first guitar wasn't mine. It was my sister's. She'd gotten it as a gift. One day it ended up in my room…and it never left. It was a classical guitar and my 10 year old hands could barely stretch to finger the chords. All I knew was that I wanted to sing and play like songwriters I heard on the radio, so I was going to make it work.

Now, I’ve been playing guitar, and writing and leading music for over 30 years, and teaching for the last five. The excitement I had as a beginner has never left. For me there is nothing better than helping someone along the journey of learning to make music.

Contact me any time to talk about getting started!

Bruce Kaechele

Bruce’s teaching is very personalized and perfect for starting guitar and building strong skills. He helped us with music theory and how it pertains to the guitar. We looked forward to our lessons and always had a great time.
— Steve and Troy

Who I teach

I offer guitar lessons for children, adolescents, and young teens who are new to the guitar. This could mean never having played a note. It could mean knowing one or two chords. All that’s needed is a little bit of interest and a willingness to try. I’ve had good success helping hesitant and shy kids find a creative side they didn’t know they had.

I grew up surrounded by great “homegrown” music but always felt kinda left out. Friends and family would sit around for hours playing guitar and singing together. I loved listening but regretted not having their natural abilities. Then one day, I picked up a guitar and called Bruce. I wanted to play, and now was the time. It’s only been a little over a year, and I’m now able to play AND sing at our jam sessions. If you’re thinking about taking guitar lessons, Bruce is the guy to call. He’ll encourage you to learn at your own pace, and he’ll challenge you to go beyond your wildest expectations.
— Liz

Starting anything new takes courage

It’s important to have a teacher who provides a relaxed, positive environment, knows how to build confidence, and genuinely believes in your ability. That’s what I bring to every lesson. I will be your partner in learning—helping you through the hard stuff and encouraging you to take on new challenges. I’ll use the songs and artists you like to create a program that will make learning to play the guitar interesting and fun.

What I teach

I teach beginning guitar on acoustic or electric guitar. I also work with students on singing while playing if that is something that interests them.

Whether the goal is to end up on a stage, sing songs with friends and family in the living room, or just play as a personal hobby, you’ll play your favorite music and build your guitar skills at the same time.

Guitar lesson rates and times

Lessons are $35, thirty minutes long and held once a week. (Less frequent lessons can be accommodated but progress will likely be slower and enthusiasm harder to maintain.)

Lessons take place at my home in Guilford, CT.


For special circumstances, lessons in your home can be arranged. An additional fee will be charged for travel.

I have a variety of lesson slots open. Please contact me to find a time that works for you.

Questions for me?

You can reach me by using this form or by:

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